5 Common Engine Problems & How You Can Avoid Them

Engine problem is the last thing you want to happen. The engine of a car is like a heart. If it doesn’t work, the car will not run. The engine works by consuming energy. In order to have it run smoothly, the engine should be regularly checked. Engine-related problems can be serious, but they can be avoided by taking care of them, especially the oil.

It is better to get the engine checked by a professional right when you see a problem. Postponing maintenance can bring the worst consequences and may lead to permanent damage. Here are five common engine problems along with the solutions so you can avoid them.

Engine problems and the solutions


Our vehicles are run by combustion that produces a lot of heat, which affects the metal parts of a car. To prevent metals from melting, a cooling system is run in the car that dissipates the extra generated heat.

Overheating of car engines commonly occurs in summers. Nevertheless, it can occur in winters as well. The main cause of overheating is engine coolant. Usually, engine coolant leaks; results in overheating. Since engine coolants are responsible for pulling away heat from the engine, lack of coolant heats the engine. Using an overheated engine for a long time leads to permanent damage.

Other than that, failed radiator hose, low coolant level, damaged thermostat, or radiator cap can also lead to overheating of the engine.


The best solution to overheating is to pull over right away and shut off the engine. Always stay away from the radiator when the engine is hot. Attempting to remove the radiator cap can be dangerous. Once the engine seems fine, check the coolant level; if it is low, fill it. But remember, if the overheating occurred due to a damaged water pump or broken radiator fan, it would be of no use.

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If you hear some grinding noise from beneath the hood of your vehicle or when the temperature gauge indicates a hotter engine, it’s time you should check the engine coolant.

Oil Problems

engine problems oil leaking

For the smooth working of the car, it is necessary to change the oil regularly. The engine has to perform a lot of work, for which the engine needs clean lubricating oil. Over time, the oil loses its lubricating ability and, in turn, loses efficacy.

Using this less efficient oil causes the wear of the engine. As the carbon deposits from the oil build up in the engine, the engine doesn’t perform well.

Other than that, low levels of engine oil can also be damaging to your car. Oil in the car should be present in enough amount to let the parts move to prevent overheating. Oil levels automatically drop to a significant extent as it burns in the engine. Driving with a low oil level can be seriously damaging.

Solution: Use the right oil for your car and keep changing it regularly. Synthetic oils work better than regular oils. Though synthetic oil costs a few more dollars, they are definitely worth the price.

Check the oil level once or twice a month to prevent any damage. Turn off the car instantly in case the oil pressure warning light becomes visible. This can save your car from permanent damage.

Engine Won’t Start

Won’t be able to start the engine is very stressful. Also, this is a very common issue in all types of vehicles. This problem is normally because of the battery. If you hear the engine clicking, but it doesn’t crank, the issue is definitely due to the battery. A dying or discharged battery leads to this problem. Loosely connected or corroded battery cables can also be the cause.

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On the other hand, if the car cranks but doesn’t start, it is due to ignition or fuel. Faulty fuel pump, failure of ignition switch, issues with a catalytic converter, and clogged fuel filter are some other causes.


For the car that cranks but doesn’t start, you need to get a can of starting fluid and spray it in the hole somewhere around the air filter assembly. Try starting the engine; you will definitely succeed.

Smoking Engine

Overheating is usually the main cause of engine smoking. This is a serious issue that could be due to a faulty coolant system, worn gaskets, or bad-quality engine oil. A clogged air filter or too much oil burning lets out black smoke from the engine.

On the other hand, white smoke from the engine can be due to faulty coolant.

You might have also seen black smoke from the exhaust. If that appears when the engine starts and quickly goes away, it’s not an issue. The continuous appearance of smoke is an issue, which can be caused by a problem with a fuel injector, or a dirty air filter.


In most cases, the smoking engine is due to worn-out parts. So you should get your car to a mechanic to repair or replace the damaged parts.


Car noises are almost always indicators of danger that you should never ignore. Wearing of different parts of a car produces a lot of different sounds. For instance, banging sound from the hood indicates that the problem is with valves or pistons.

Similarly, rattling inside a wheel is very common that is due to a nut inside a hub cap, which is due to the untightened wheel.

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You might have heard a slight whining sound while turning the car; this is due to the poor working of bearings. They are small metal balls responsible for the smooth working of various car parts. The gradually growing whining sound indicates faulty rear-wheel bearings. But if you hear the sound as you turn left, right, or back, it is the front-wheel bearings.

Solution: For these problems, it is necessary to see a car mechanic as soon as possible.

Bonus tips: Get a friction modifier such as Cycopro X10. It will help to maintain your car’s engine. Learn more about the benefit of using friction modifier.

In Conclusion

A car with a poorly working engine is just crap. Whether your car is new or old, its engine maintenance should be your priority. Most engine problems can be avoided by following some preventive measures and keeping a regular check on them.

Image: Sundevil Auto & Capitol Chevy

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