Top 10 Motorcycle Maintenance Routine You Should Know

Motorcycle maintenance shouldn’t be that hard. Reading the owner’s manual that comes with your motorcycle is really beneficial as it tells a lot about your motorcycle’s model. Knowing about your motorbike will definitely help you in its routine maintenance. Keeping a regular check on different parts of your motorcycle increases its life and runs smoother over the years.

Maintenance inspection of a motorcycle is necessary once in a while to evaluate the condition of different parts. Once the damage is detected, necessary measures are taken to correct it.

Motorcycle maintenance routine checklist

Here are the top 10 motorcycle maintenance routine checklist that can help your motorcycle stay in a top-notch condition for the years to come.


Every time you ride a motorcycle, try to let it warm up before hitting the road. The standing of your bike the whole night makes the oil sit at the bottom of the sump. Allowing the bike to warm up for a minute or so will help the oil circulate to all the necessary parts. This step also helps the bike perform better and stay safe.

Check the Oil Levels

Oil quality and oil levels are important to have an engine efficiently running through the years. Changing the oil is necessary to keep the motorbike healthy. Remember that oil consumption is more during the summer season compared to winters. Therefore, keep checking the oil levels to ensure it is enough for the engine.

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Test the Brakes

Taking care of brakes is the most crucial step in maintenance as it can be the cause of accidents. Brake pads clamp the brake disk and thus stop the bike. Continuous use of brakes damages them, as a lot of pressure has to be applied to stop the bike.

Carefully check the thickness of brake pads; if it is less than 2mm, it is time to replace them. Get the brake pads to check every 6,000 to 7,000 miles. In case the thickness is affected, get the brake pads changed.

Check the Tires

motorcycle maintenance by a young guy

Before every ride, make it your habit to check the tire pressure. The tire pressure actually has a big impact on the bike’s performance. Under-inflated tires don’t cope well with the applied forces and thus affect handling. On the other hand, over-inflation affects gripping.

To prevent blowouts, keep the right pressure in the tires. This will keep the ride safe and, at the same time, restrain wear and tear.

Replace Coolant

Coolant protects the engine of the motorcycle from harsh climatic conditions like extreme summer heat and winters. The role of coolant is to transfer heat and protect the engine from damages caused by boiling and freezing. How often you ride the bike determines the changing time of the coolant. The coolant has to be replaced after two years to continue to perform efficiently.

Changing the coolant is not a big deal; you can easily do it yourself.

Begin with Fresh Fuel

If you are going to ride your back after a long time, make sure to start with fresh fuel. Usually, people take a break in winter and get started with a bike once summer sets in. No matter the situation, don’t run your bike with unfresh fuel.

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Get rid of the old fuel and then fill it with the fresh one. Your bike will definitely perform better this way.

Check the Battery

Most batteries are placed just beneath the seat of a motorcycle, where they stay safe from rain and dirt. Due to its placement, the battery is often overlooked during maintenance.

Normally, a battery lasts two years, after which it needs replacement. However, charging the battery before it gets empty is a good way to extend its life.

Remember that you can always charge a dead battery. But if a battery is not getting properly charged, it can damage the motorbike and thus should be replaced immediately.

Clean the Motorbike

Sparing 30 minutes a week for your bike will not cost you much. Instead, it can save a lot of your money. Make sure to keep the motorcycle clean by dusting it daily and washing it with soap and hot water once a week. Motorbikes need special care during the winter season when there’s a lot of corrosive salt on the roads. The clean outer appearance of the car will also help you find out body damage.

Make sure to use a high-quality cleaning agent sold specifically for bikes. Cleaning the bike often will keep it in a good working condition for longer.

Check the Bike Chains

A loose chain is more damaging than a tighter one. So you have to check the bike chains and tie them tightly. Normally, a bike chain can go 18,000 miles without any issue. You have to get it replaced after that.

During the yearly maintenance inspection, get the bike chains checked and ask the mechanic to tighten them as they get too slack over time. You can read the owner’s manual to get an idea of the right torque settings.

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You also might need to use some lubricant to make them run smoothly and avoid rust.

Inspect the Air Filter

The air filter of the motorcycle traps all the dust and debris and thus enables the engine to work efficiently without any mishap. They allow the air to flow smoothly. Clogged filters do not trap the dirt perfectly, which can go into the engine of your motorcycle.

It is better to clean the filters after a week or so to prevent any big damage. You can also get them replaced if they are too dirty. Since air filters are not much expensive, getting them replaced will not be heavier on your pockets.

Bonus: Use Friction Modifier

It has been proven that using lubrication or additives can helps to save fuel. Cycopro friction modifier can make your engine run smoother. Learn more about the benefits.

In Conclusion

Apart from this checklist, keep looking at different parts of your motorcycle occasionally. Most damages start producing exceptionally loud noises. If you hear any unwanted noise, instantly take your motorbike to a mechanic.

Proper maintenance not only makes motorbike rides smoother but also ensures that it is safe to be on the road. Being careless about your vehicle maintenance is unsafe for you and others.

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