check your ride before balik kampung

5 Important Things To Check Your Ride Before Balik Kampung

Check your ride before packing your stuff. The usual ones including bag, goodies, chargers and also your baju raya.

Whether it is for your traditional balik kampung for Hari Raya ritual, or even long weekend holiday trip. You and your loved one must be excited to hit the road and embark on this journey.

But how ready are you to kick start a long balik kampung ride? Here are 5 important things to check before you balik kampung. 

Inspect your tire tread and pressure 

The thread on tire surfaces plays an important role in preventing your car from skidding when it rains.  The thread wears over time, thus it is important for you to regularly check the depth of the thread, especially before beginning a long car ride with your loved ones. Apart from tire thread, do not forget to check the pressure of your tire too.  

Check your car’s fluids 

Make sure your oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windscreen wash are at full capacity before you begin your balik kampung ride. If you couldn’t make a thorough check before your journey, you can as well make a stop at R&R for servicing along the way. These fluids might seem trivial in comparison to others, but it could ensure you have a smooth and safe balik kampung journey! 

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Ensure your lights and signals work perfectly 

Have one of your family members check your vehicles’ lights and signals before your journey. You can also check it yourself but having someone else check while you test drive is easier as they can help you spot the exact problem your lights and signals are experiencing. Don’t forget to make sure your car’s service light is off. If it’s on or blinking, you might need to fix the problem before your trip. 

Check your battery health 

Battery is an important part of your car that provides power to start your vehicle. Thus, it is important to inspect your battery for any cracks and bulging sides. For a thorough check, use a voltmeter and check if your battery voltage is around 12.5 volt. Anything less than 11.8 volt indicates that your battery is weak and needs recharging before you begin your balik kampung ride. 

Don’t forget to check your engine too! 

If you haven’t incorporated friction modifiers in your engine, now might be the best time for you to start doing so! Friction modifier offers various benefits to your engine such as improving fuel economy, reducing engine noise and vibration, and ensuring smooth speed transmission. Friction modifier is a type of additive that reduces friction amongst engine surfaces. It is not a magic solution, but it might be the answer to your car’s trivial problems.

Bonus: Bring along Cycopro friction modifier

It has been proven that using lubrication or additives can helps to save fuel. Cycopro friction modifier can make your engine run smoother. Learn more about the benefits.

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Have you checked all 5 things mentioned above? If yes, then you are ready to embark your balik kampung journey safely. Have a safe journey, and don’t forget to share this article if you find it useful. 

Image credit: Kosmo, Top Gear PH

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